It is not a shocker for Alice Johnson to say she had never heard of Kim Kardashian West before she took up her case. Our generation is always “Keeping up with the Kardashians’, but for Alice who has spent 22 years serving a life sentence for first offense; money laundering and drug trafficking, we understand.  The two met for the first time in an emotional interview that aired Thursday, June 14th on Today show with Hoda Kotb.

Knowing Kim

Johnson had no idea who Kim was, but who wouldn’t want to know about their ‘guardian angel’. I know I wouldn’t want to miss any information about them. Alice decided to do her research. When the two did meet for the first time it felt like Alice and Kim had known each other a lifetime.

Kim’s Mission

Kim got to first learn about Alice’s case last year and tweeted on how unfair it was. She decided she would take it upon herself and not give up on Alice’s matter. Using her resources, Kim West took it upon herself to work it out for Johnson. She took it up with her attorney and say they had been in talks behind the scenes for seven months that ended when she met the President.

Meeting President Trump

A call to Ivanka Trump on looking out for other women led to Kim’s meeting with President Donald Trump on May 30th at the Oval office. Kim Kardashian pleaded for clemency on behalf of Alice Johnson. President Trump commuted Alice’s life sentence a week later.

The Life-changing Call

Kim called Johnson as the news of her parole was breaking. She told Johnson she was free to go home and Johnson says she went full-fledged Pentecostal holy dancing, jumping and shouting. It was heartwarming as the two hugged and confessed their love for each other.

Thank you

Johnson says thank you is never enough to Kim and also to the president. She has promised to walk and live her thank you, for her family and for her supporters too. She is praying for Kim and Kanye West and has their photos in her bible. Johnson says Kim was called to do what she has done for her, the anointed of God found in Psalm 105 and warns that no one should touch the anointed even with words.


Both Kim and Johnson are promising to continue championing for prison reforms. Johnson and Kim’s life are intertwined for what Kim did on her behalf, and Johnson who has lived and experienced what it is to be behind bars says her life is intertwined with other first time offenders and she will be their crusader.
But don’t worry Kim is not taking up politics anytime soon.

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